Co-operator and representative of ACTING PRESS, a project engineering audiovisual works since 2015. AP is home to solo [PLO’] and collaborative music [with C3D-E, INTe*ra, Globex, CC Not].

In-game DJ experience [Europe, N.A, Asia, Oceania]: ballpark 15 years. Currently based in Berlin.

One-time host of PLO Radio, aired on the now defunct Berlin Community Radio from 2013 – 2019. Transmission has since come by way of Lot Radio, Refuge Worldwide,, IDA, NTS, etc.

For DJ recordings, kindly refer to sessions archived and distributed on tape [most recently Cav Empt, CESAR35, CESAR08], CD [ACTING PRESS, Terraforma], and Web [Youtube].

Other channels in the loop: TTT, Terraforma, Club Digital, Jooop!, Doo, Deep Blue, Panorama Bar, Dekmantel, Post Bar, Sustain Release…

AGENT: Peter Beer

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