FMLY is an agency that strives to mirror our diverse roster of talent within our team.

We actively encourage applications from those who are under represented within the music industry.

In particular those who identify as being female, are from an ethnic minority group or if you are a person with a disability.

FMLY Values!!
Some things are really important to FMLY, most important of all are our team, we are a FMLY.
Access for all.
We believe this industry is for everyone, we believe in championing those who have previously been sidelined, we believe in taking chances on people.
Ecological Touring
There is no planet B.
Music is life.
We believe we can have both, FMLY are putting focus into finding a better way, focusing on the small differences as well as the big changes we can make.

Some extras.
We know life can be difficult sometimes
Employees can take time away from work for events such as pregnancy loss (miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy or abortion), fertility treatment, cancer treatment, gender reassignment surgery, and to manage menopause symptoms.
Those who lose a pregnancy through miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy or abortion will be granted  paid leave. The policy will apply to the individual who was pregnant, a partner of someone who was pregnant, and those who had a surrogate who was pregnant on their behalf.
Employees undergoing fertility treatment, or those with a partner doing so, can take five days’ paid leave per cycle so they can attend and recover from appointments. The benefit is not limited to any number of cycles and applies to those with all kinds of family arrangement, including same-sex couples.
Those experiencing any other health-related event, such as gender reassignment surgery and cancer treatment, can take paid leave to be negotiated on a case by case bases.
Flexible working arrangements will be offered to all staff experiencing menopause symptoms, not just cisgender women. They can also request to work from home or take leave at short notice.