FMLY Agency: Artist Management & Bookings


Hong Kong

Over the past three years FMLY Agency has provided it’s expertise and assistance with booking dance music acts at Hong Kong’s Clockenflap music and arts festival. Quite frankly, Clockenflap defies definition. Not even the name makes any sense (just try looking it up). It’s absurd.

At it’s sprightly core, Clockenflap is all about people – at their individual and collective, shared best. It is about music at it’s most inspirational. Art at its most accessible.

It’s about discovery, about community. About laughter, camaraderie and unashamed nonsense. It’s about the independent spirit, celebrating creativity and paying it forward. It’s about shoes off on the grass and time machines.

It is three magic days in November where the collective sum of all these parts unite, creating an utterly mysterious and supremely infectious universe, all set against the city’s luminous skyline.

It is, quite simply, the best weekend’s worth of fun to be had in Hong Kong. It is all this and the ever unexplainable ‘more’, which can only be experienced by being a part of it yourself.

Come with openness and imagination. You shall be rewarded.


...credited with playing a vital role in nurturing the music and wider arts scene throughout Hong Kong.


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