The Psychotic Monks

The Psychotic Monks

'Pink Colour Surgery is the their coldest, weirdest, most unhinged offering to date. That’s no bad thing. TPM are at their best when plumbing the most abstract, uncompromised depths of their imaginations, and the way in which they weave hip-swinging rhythms through the twisty seven-and-a-half minutes of uber-knowingly-titled second track Post-Post- or pick a gentle Mogwai-esque melody from the dissonance of Décors feels truly masterful.' - Kerrang

France’s Psychotic Monks formed in the bleak winter of 2015 and have spent their time since growing a following for their uncompromising and genre-splicing public performances and recordings.

Psychotic Monks are a band that fleet between the contortions of The Jesus Lizard, the looseness of Sonic Youth, the malevolent electronics of Throbbing Gristle and the organic pulse of Dublin’s Gilla Band, but ultimately create something that feels of their own. The band themselves specifically left space for “accidents” in the writing process. Taking inspiration from Francis Bacon when he said, “You can’t understand the accident. If you could understand it, you’d also understand the way you were going to act. But the way you’re going to act is unforeseen.” The band experiments with structure and textures, including silence and the importance of when not to play.

The band members wanted to tell stories, and those stories to be told from the perspective of four close friends, something at the root of all The Psychotic Monks’ activities. They built safe spaces where the four of them were free to share their feelings and vulnerability, talk about their perceptions of modern society, explore their uncertainties and, rather than rely upon a leader within the band, find a shape and form that exploits the wealth of having four distinct personalities and four outlooks. They see their musical expressions within The Psychotic Monks and on “A Private Meaning First” as an opportunity to be honest, to be empathetic and, for a moment, less lonely.

That bracing sound that emotional availability and the closeness within the band have already built them considerable momentum, selling out The Lexington on their last trip to London, an invite to Transmusicales de Rennes and the opportunity to record a breakthrough live session for KEXP while they were there.

'Crawling with moody production and dark, brooding mania, it’s an intense, absorbing listen as dynamics shift from chugging, choking riffs and tense, static noise to melodies that sound like they’re sung through walls by haunted choirs.' - 7/10 Loud & Quiet

AGENT: Polly Miles

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