Initially sprouting as a reissue label project for pyro + freaky prog, the innate desire for the sound resulted in lockdown tracks and mixes, and the natural step of becoming a producer moniker/DJ. Rooted from Ireland, and now based in the ‘Hollywood for DJs’ that is Berlin, Spray has quickly made noise for seminal crews such as Radiant Love, Soulseekers Allowance and HÖR. 

Taste the satiating sound on the debut EP for Craigie Knowes, breaking the formulaic tendency of trance to add essential freakiness, breaks, and wigged out prog; quite the potent brew.

The live sound is a blend also, as on the decks Spray has one hand dusty from digging into the past, whilst the other gleams through indulging in the present. Essential for all heads-down prog movers seeking twisted momentum and glistening rhythms.

Credit: Rhys Salt


AGENT: Peter Beer

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