How do you pronounce RDGLDGRN? Easy, it’s just Red Gold Green. Clean and simple, no vowels, no fluff — just like the band’s music.”
Suraya Mohamed at NPR Music

RDGLDGRN integrates elements of hip-hop, rock and DC go-go music to concoct an original sound influenced by their personal histories. Each member of the band was raised in a different version of the immigrant’s tale to find a better life on American soil. Pierre Desrosiers aka King Green (vocals) is the son of Haitian immigrants from the 1970s. Andrei Busuioceanu Jr. aka Gold (bass) arrived in America when he was 5 from Romania. Marcus Parham aka Red (guitars) is an African-American raised as a global citizen attending high school in Ghana and living extensively overseas.

The band name and each members identity is based on the three Pan-African Colours used most often on the flags of African nations. The members stick to this regimented palette for their clothes, seldom being seen in public otherwise.

AGENT: Rob McGee

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