Under the Priori moniker, Québecois musician Francis Latreille has established himself as a crucial voice in underground techno.

Across a sprawling discography, including two full length albums, several eps, and a host of collaborative projects, Priori builds a hyper-detailed world steeped in science fiction and fantasy, residing somewhere between the biological and the synthetic, the actual and the possible. Priori’s meticulously crafted dance music is full of fractalizing patterns, ear-prickling textures, and crystalline melodies that emerge and flicker in stunning detail; it is evocative, enchanting, and always moving.  

Priori is also an accomplished mixing engineer who has worked with James K, Bambii, Maara, Ex-terrestrial, Roza Terenzi, D.Tiffany, Regular Fantasy, Ramzi, URA and many more. As one half of NAFF recordings and the Jump Source recording studio, Francis is steadily shaping the course of underground electronic dance music in Canada and abroad. 

On May 30th, 2024,  Priori will be releasing his third full length album. Entitled This But More, the record sees Priori sidestepping the club in favor of a more contemplative space, yielding electronic compositions layered with acoustic instrumentation and spectral processing. The album will include a booklet of suggested stories by Devon Hansen and animated visuals by Jack Anderson.

AGENT: Peter Beer

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