Peter Broderick

Peter Broderick

"an artist whose career is characterised by breathless invention and spontaneity" The Quietus

Peter Broderick & Friends Play Arthur Russell is the vibrant and joyful tribute to one of Erased Tapes artist Peter Broderick’s greatest heroes. The show has been toured extensively on the festival circuit, and is approved by Russell’s long-term partner Tom Lee. Broderick’s dedication to the music makes him the perfect person to be honouring the prolific artist.

Since his death at the age of just 40, several albums of Russell’s recorded music have been released. Spanning the worlds of folk, disco, New Wave and beyond, these cherished compilations have sparked a revival of his legacy amongst a new generation of fans. Beauty and wonder pervade his vast collection of recordings, and it’s good to see that his seminal life work is now being appreciated by a wider audience.

It all started when his former Efterklang bandmate Rasmus Stolberg invited Peter to perform at his new festival in Denmark, in summer 2017, with the specific idea that Peter would play an entire set of Arthur Russell songs. As a long-time lover of Arthur’s work, Peter immediately accepted the invitation and began to learn a collection of Russell songs. Stolberg put together a band of Danish musicians to join Broderick on stage, and the festival performance went off without a hitch.

Immediately after, Peter started receiving invitations from other festivals, asking for the same thing — a full set of Arthur Russell songs. Even Arthur’s long-time partner Tom Lee took notice of these performances of Arthur’s work, and reached out to Peter personally. It wasn’t long before Broderick was invited to examine some of Russell’s remaining archival work, and asked to do some audio restoration work on some of the old tapes.

Peter’s strong love for Arthur’s work grew exponentially as he dove into the psyche of his hero, listening to hours and hours of unreleased material. He discovered that some of his favorite Russell songs have yet to be heard by the masses, and felt inspired to learn some of these tunes himself.

It was only inevitable that Peter would record an album of his own renditions of Arthur’s songs. And what better place to do it than the state of Maine, where most of Arthur’s surviving family are based, and where Broderick himself was born back in 1987. With a large cast of friends and family, including Arthur’s niece Rachel Henry and nephew Beau Lisy, Peter set out to capture his love for Arthur’s music with a diverse collection of 10 songs, two of which have yet to be released in their original versions.

Its cover adorned with an original painting by Tom Lee, ‘Peter Broderick & Friends Play Arthur Russell’ is a vibrant and joyful tribute to one of Broderick’s greatest heroes. Peter would like to extend his deepest gratitude to all of Arthur’s family, friends and fans who have been so warmly welcoming of his own versions of these tunes. It is hoped that these recordings will serve to honour the truly staggering legacy of Arthur Russell.

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