Nina Nastasia

Nina Nastasia

"A cult American singer-songwriter" - The Observer

We’re very excited to be working on the return of NINA NASTASIA. She released her first album in 12 years on Temporary Residence.

Following her recent North American tour in support of Mogwai, Nina will be over in Europe in March – April 2023, so if you’re interested in a date around the below schedule, please let me know.


“Riderless Horse obviously isn’t an easy listen. At times – as on “Go Away – it gets dirgy. But its truth-hounding also delivers poetry and restful release.” – The Independent *****

“It’s difficult to detach this record from the harrowing specificity of its backstory, yet Riderless Horse never makes you feel like an intruder.” – Mojo *****

“The cult American singer-songwriter endured 25 years of abuse at the hands of her partner, an experience wrenchingly recorded in her first album in 12 years.” – The Observer *****

“The album never breaks its focus on Nastasia’s voice, which is as raw and radiant as ever. On “You Were So Mad,” it soars with defiant fury.” – Pitchfork (7.8)

“Riderless Horse is far from an easy listen for obvious reasons. But hearing the 56-year-old Nastasia describe and attempt to understand these stark events is never less than compelling.” – The Telegraph ****

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