As the son of an accomplished jazz guitarist and a pop singer, Lisene (Marlon Morris) was brought up surrounded by a wide spectrum of music from an early age. Living in the cultural melting pot of Brixton, his exposure to DIY soundsystem culture as well as his own musical experimentations with family and friends, naturally lead to an interest in both the scientific and musical side of studio work.

After relocating to Leeds to study audio engineering, he released two records on the then-unknown but now highly sought-after ‘day by day’ label, informed by 90s techno, IDM, and trance. This was followed by a collaboration with his friend of over 15 years Adam Pits, with their first release as Space Cadets on Seven Hills picking up a huge amount of attention and landing a string of gigs across the UK and EU. No stranger to burning the midnight oil to hunt for tracks, Lisene’s record bag is of the highest standard, diverse and full of surprises. Channelling the spirit of the 90s through the sound of the future via a stash of 12″ obscurities that would be the envy of a collector twice his age, his sets flit around the psychedelic fringes where techno, trance, breaks and electro meet, weaving together a sonic tapestry far greater than the sum of its parts.

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