Keep Dancing Inc.

Keep Dancing Inc.

"Party-starting electro grooves from Parisian trio peddling positive vibes." ~ NME

"A debut of standouts destined to spin on repeat." ~ The Line Of Best Fit

They’‬re barely in their twenties and‭, ‬while their music is filled with references that date back to before some of them were even born‭, ‬Louis‭, ‬Joseph and Gabrielle already seem to have the poise and mastery of an English rock band‭.

A few years after hitting the scene‭, ‬Keep Dancing Inc‘‬s suave yet serene course of action clearly demands admiration‭. ‬They have toured extensively throughout Europe with Blossoms, ‬racked up no fewer than 30‭ ‬dates across the Channel‭, ‬and have carved out a serious reputation as one of the best live bands around‭, ‬similar to some of the most vivid groove-machines from back in the day‭. After years learning the ropes‭, ‬they begin the new decade more daunting than ever‭. ‬Their first two releases Initial Public Offering EP‭ ‬(‬2017‭) ‬and‭ ‬Restructuration (‬2018‭) ‬were a mere hint of what was to come‭, ‬nothing compares to the assuredly confident‭ ‬”Embrace‭.” ‬The first single Could U Stop sets the tone‭: ‬synthy with a hint of new wave and bathed in shimmering vocals that never sell their soul to the machines‭. ‬To bring this new album to life‭, ‬the band recorded the twelve tracks between Paris and Margate‭, ‬England‭, ‬stronghold of brit producer Tom Carmichael‭, ‬well known for his recording wizardry for the likes of ALASKALASKA, Jamie Isaac, HAIM and Fat White Family.

Embrace wildly kicks the 20’s off‭, ‬and it is now obvious that nothing can stop Keep Dancing Inc‭.‬

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