Karima F

Karima F

Immaculately made house and breakbeat. ~ Resident Advisor

Norwegian-Algerian DJ Karima F cut her teeth in the electronic music scene of Malmö whilst doing a fine arts degree. Upon returning to Oslo in 2013, she took up a weekly residency at the renowned club Jaeger. It was here she developed her style and music collection to the point where international bookings followed. She can be found playing all over Europe, including performances at Panorama Bar, About Blank, Tresor, Golden Pudel, Lost Village Festival and Øyafestivalen.

In 2017 she established Nice Tripsies, her quarterly residency at Jaeger, inviting some of her friends to the booth for showcases that bridge that divide across genres in clubland.

Together with the Norwegian artist Ida Ekblad, she runs the record label Schloss Records. The first release arrived in 2018, a 12” single by the English producer Max Fowler, with a remix from the Swedish rising star Samo DJ. Since, Schloss has released Karima F’s critically acclaimed debut, and Hunter Lombard’s  sophomore release ‘Slow Foam’. In 2020, Schloss will release a 12” from British artist A Psychic Yes, with a remix from Hodge.

Karima F has released music on labels such as Smalltown Supersound, Mothers Finest, the Kornél Kovács-run imprint Puss, Oscillate and Uncanny Valley.

AGENT: Alasdair Howie

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