Ebi Soda

Ebi Soda

“This one gets the Jamz trifactor, I’ve played this on all three radio shows I have” Jamz Supernova - BBC R6

"'Yoshi Orange' charges at top speed, before accelerating even further" CLASH

Born from ten-hour jam sessions in peeling Brighton bedsits, the technical parameters of a bootstrap recording process and the osmotic, multi-genre influence of internet music archives, quintet Ebi Soda have been steady-cultivating a unique sound amidst the exploding UK jazz scene.

With a cynical, somewhat industrial approach to jazz which could only be informed by the greyness of the streets of Britain, Ebi juxtapose the skies of their surroundings with an illustrious approach to crafting sound over their abrasive beats, conveying colour and dreariness simultaneously. As staunch anti-traditionalists, they thrive on this idea of contradiction, seeming more inspired by the atmosphere inside a rave than the sounds heard inside Birdland. Their only debt to typical jazz being to attempt to innovate and experiment at every opportunity.


20 January 2024 – 100 Club – London – UK
3 March 2024 – Hackney Social – London – UK
24 May 2024 – Brighton Dome (supporting UNKLE) – Brighton – UK 
25 May 2024 – HowTheLightGetsIn – Hay-On-Wye – UK
25 July 2024 – 100 Club – London – UK

"One of the highlights of the year so far, highly recommended!" ~ Mr Bongo (#2 Album Of The Year)

"Making quite a name for themselves, with a really modern sound." James Morrison - BBC Radio 2

Created through following a particular feeling among the crew, each Ebi track is a sign of the times and contains the essence of their state of mind when recorded. Jazz has long been trademarked by its pre-conceived misconceptions about the typical listener, but within the past few years these boundaries have been crushed thanks to bands such as Ebi Soda. Their dynamic range and broad appeal are bringing the genre back to life, a modern day jazz renaissance.

AGENT: Agnese Daverio

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