Dur-Dur Band International

Dur-Dur Band International

"Sounds from across Somalia — the banadaari beats of the south, the reggae-like daantho of the north — jostled with wah-wah guitars and a psychedelic synthesiser, whose horn-stab effects only made the absence of brass more obvious. No matter. This was Somalia in party mode: proud, cultivated, joyful." Evening Standard

Dur-Dur Band it’s the name originally taken by 80’s Mogadishu Somalia Funk, Disco, and Soul Band that was later disbanded in the early 90s, unable to continue playing in their city, Dur-Dur Band broke up and scattered abroad.

Dur-Dur Band International as it’s known now is the regrouping of some of the original Dur Dur Band founding members such as the legendary bass player Abdillahi Ujerry, also Mohamaed Karama, Qomal, Omar Teesiyow including the legendry Iftin Band musicians Saleh Hariri, Nabil, Ali Atore, Yusuf Nagi and Said Hussein from Waaberi National Band with the phenomenon vocalist Fadumian Hilowle with a repertoire of Funky oldies and contemporary compilations of the best in Somali Funk.

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