Buena Vista All Stars

Buena Vista All Stars

"Before my father left 17 years ago, we made the promise of singing together." Ibrahim Ferrer Jr

The Buena Vista All Stars is a multi-layered musical collage of Afro-Cuban nostalgia. The show is filled with breathtaking performances that honor the spirit and legacy of the Buena Vista Social Club, ensuring that the heartbeat of the Buena Vista sound continues to vibrate throughout the Concert Halls.

The Buena Vista All Stars elegantly blend tradition and innovation, faithfully preserving the sounds of a cherished past while injecting their performances with a fresh, vibrant spirit into the Una Noche en La Habana Tour 23/24 to transcend borders, reach the hearts of lovers of good music, and keep alive this beautiful legacy that lasts over time.

Buena Vista All Stars, featuring the Buena Vista Social Club’s golden voice of Ibrahim Ferrer’s video projection, along with the live talent of his Carlos Gardel Award-winning son, Ibrahim Ferrer Jr; as well as original members of Buena Vista Social Club such as multi-award-winning greatest maestro, Demetrio Muñiz uniting with phenomenal pianist Dayramir González, who Carnegie Hall described as “This Afro-Cuban pianist, composer, and arranger setting the Latin jazz world on fire in America”; with Elizabeth Meza, a Mexican jazz singer considered one of the main voices of Latin America; and the stellar participation of flamenco artist and composer Maíta Vende Cá; with great guest artists such as Sory Perez, Miguel Valdez, Luis Chavez, and Franklin Reytor, who show that Cuban music has already crossed the limits of the island, and other talents such as the new voice of Liz Ferrer, backed by an orchestra in the style of the 50s, directed by the musician and producer Cristobal Verdecia.

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