"Baloji, the Belgian-Congolese rapper, explores a familiar set of themes with an artful and impressionistic touch in his directorial debut Omen (Augure)." - The Hollywood Reporter

BALOJI, born in Lubumbashi, Congo (DRC), is a rapper, songwriter, director, poet, stylist and actor. He grew up in Liège, Belgium. In the 90s, BALOJI began rapping with the trio Malfrats Linguistiques, which went on to become the world-renowned hip-hop group: Starflam.

In 2008, he released his highly personal first solo album: Hôtel Impala, certified gold and won two Octaves de la Musique awards. In 2010, a second solo album, Kinshasa Succursale followed by a solo EP, 64 Bits and Malachite in 2015. In 2018, he released his third solo album, 137 Avenue Kaniama and was awarded the Octave musiques du monde. In 2019, BALOJI receives the Octave for Show/Concert of the Year. Also in 2019, BALOJI won several awards for its short film Zombies.

"In Swahili, my name Baloji means "sorcerer", and even means 'sorcerer who can seize the powers of other sorcerers'. It's really a terrible name. It would be like being called "Devil" or "Demon" in Europe. So because of my name, and because people called me me a witch, I've always been fascinated by the occult and people perceived as different." BALOJI

In 2023, BALOJI’s début full-length feature film Augure/Omen received the Prix de la Première Voix in the Un Certain Regard selection at the Cannes Film Festival, and the Prix de la Mise en Scène at the Angoulême Film Festival. 

The film inspired 4 12-track EPs. Each EP takes the point of view of one of the film’s four protagonists. Hip-hop, Afrobeats, electro, traditional songs, Congolese rumba, etc. The project takes on multiple incarnations and artistic inspirations. A captivating, deep and powerful aesthetic. A fascinating variation on the story of the eponymous feature film.

The album includes featuring artists with singular universes such as : Sampa The Great, Dj Lag, Jose James, IDPIzzle, Jamilia Woods, Natalie Bergman, Metronomy, Wharola, etc.

Omen’s artistic ambition has given rise to an exhibition of the film’s sets and costumes and costumes, which opened on October 21, 2023 at the Fashion Museum in Antwerp, and will travel around the world.

Baloji has always suffered from synesthesia, which enables him to express himself through vivid colors, shapes and textures. In his creative imagination, things seem ordinary but soon turn out to be magical, blurring the boundaries between the real and the imaginary. Augurism is an on site project conceived by delving into Baloji’s past and present archives, with images, props, costumes and videos. The aim is to reconnect with the past and bring it into the present.

The exhibition becomes a place of physical and emotional immersion in Baloji’s universe.


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