Angel Bat Dawid

Angel Bat Dawid

"In her galaxy of sound, paradox births clarity. Her clarinet—both haunting and effervescent—snakes through the land of binaries, seeking and spreading ancestral truths. Whether Dawid’s on woodwinds, playing the organ, or wielding her earthy vocals, she relishes in the tapestries of the ironic as if her very survival depends on it." ~ Carnegie Hall

Angel Bat Dawid is a Black American Clarinetist, Composer, Vocalist, Pianist and Educator. Her critically acclaimed album “The Oracle” was innovatively recorded using her cell phone in multiple locations, which received features in publications like Pitchfork, Rolling Stone and many others.

“Requiem for Jazz” (composed by Angel) premiered at Hyde park Jazz festival commissioned by the Art Institute of Chicago for Yoko Ono’s outdoor Skylanding Installation. Her album “Tha Brothahood” was released live, making NPR’s best 2020 list.

Born to missionaries in Atlanta, Angel Bat Dawid grew up moving as her parent’s ministry mandated. From Georgia to Kentucky and Kenya, the family finally settled in Chicago’s south suburbs where she would go on to study clarinet and music education.

In 2014, Bat Dawid recommitted herself to a life in music. Giving up her day job, she followed in-roads through Chicago’s creative music community with touchstones like David Boykin’s Sonic Healing Ministries sessions and Damon Locks’ Black Monument Ensemble. She soon formed her own improvisationally-focused collective, The Participatory Music Coalition, and developed a performance residency at Elastic Arts, dubbed the Mothership 9 Multimedia Series.

Inspired by everything from the poetry of Margaret Burroughs to Yusef Lateef and even Mozart, Bat Dawid made her debut, The Oracle, with International Anthem in 2019. Eschewing conventional labels, she describes her work in no uncertain terms: “This is Black music.” On The Oracle, she echoes ancestral agonies through blues and spirituals, a conversion theory she attributes to the late Milford Graves.

When asked what’s next, Bat Dawid is lucid. “I have really big artistic goals and hope to expand compositionally. I’ve always wanted to write a symphony and I’m really interested in film scoring.”

A new voice has rumbled forth with clarity and intention from Chicago’s Southside, reminding us that the past is still present and the future is full of radical hope.

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