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Alexis Raphael

Having relaunched seminal London club brand Creche with 3 roadblock events so far, Alexis is going from strength to strength.

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Alexis Raphael


Alexis has been immersed in electronic music from a very young age. Growing up in hip and music centric Camden, North London in the 1990s, he found himself surrounded by cutting edge record stores, raves and dance music culture. Although it was never initially his intention to become a professional DJ, through his tireless dedication and passion it became an inevitability, even if Alexis himself never saw it.

Collecting vinyl from 13 years old, Alexis' library covers everything from rare Detroit techno from the late 80s, to early 90s hardcore, jungle, drum and bass, UK house and garage, and everything from minimal to today's house and techno and beyond. It’s these thousands of rare and collectable vinyls, particularly his collection spanning the late 80s and 90s, alongside his many years spent on the dance floors and in the record shops, that have influenced and helped shape his sound - a melting pot of past music influences and cutting edge house and techno.

What started as DJ’ing at house parties, soon progressed into an impressive CV of pirate radio DJ’ing across North and East London, leading onto residencies at some of London’s most legendary and notorious clubs; including Turnmills, The Cross and The End, which soon gained him recognition in his home city for his craft behind the decks. After gaining a huge of amount of experience as a DJ, Alexis then began his career in production.

Through his music, Alexis has displayed his immense versatility as an artist over the last 5 years; releasing vocal anthems such as “I Know”, hard techno weapons which have been played on the dance floors of DC10 and beyond, like the aptly named “Assault Weapon”, alongside more current dance floor hits like “It’s Kinda Jazzy”, which was recently found being played and danced to by Carl Cox at Elrow. Alexis also lays hand to sometimes less well known and often more stripped back and restrained releases, like those on Culprit, Leftroom, Heidi’s Jackathon Jams...the list goes on. It’s clear Alexis has been able to carve out a wide spectrum of sounds whilst still retaining his own personal distinct feeling and vibe in his music. 

His DJ’ing and production career began to achieve international recognition in 2012, and since then, Alexis has received backing and support from legendary artists such as Green Velvet, with the pair working on upcoming projects, and Jamie Jones, who has signed several of his tracks. His touring career has taken Alexis worldwide, from Australia to South America, as well as shows closer to home. These opportunities have even allowed Alexis to play on the dance floors of some of the world’s most renowned clubs, such as DC10, Fabric and D-Edge, to name a few. Alexis is also credited with helping to considerably shape the music scene in London through his influential club night Creche, which at the time became one of London’s most successful parties.

From discovering, to listening, to buying and collecting, to raving and DJ’ing, and eventually producing music, his dedication to this journey, which so far spans over two decades, has allowed Alexis to enjoy a career immersed in his passion. All he asks is that we enjoy it with him. 

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