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FMLY is home to a wide variety of DJ’s and live artists as well as programming for some of the world’s best home-grown and international music festivals. Working with a wide breadth of artists, from breaking new talent to supporting established global artists.

FMLY was started by Darren after spending all his working career in the music industry, from EMI Records through to Live Nation. The scope of knowledge he gained over the years helps him develop a fully rounded strategy for each of the artist individual needs. And bring together an extremely talented team with individual skill sets.

Darren James-Thomas

Founder & Director
Darren James-Thomas

Looks like an extra for a 90’s indie band, he will be the one running late for a meeting, emailing with one hand and reaching for a beer with the other, it’s all about the hustle for Darren, if he wants it he will make sure he gets it.

Amber Brzeski

Amber Brzseki

Easy to spot with her ginger bob and the bill in one hand. Amber will be the one making sure everyone is paid, gets their flights and has remembered their business cards.



Based in Berlin, you can normally find Joanna fresh faced dancing around Berghain. She’s the sensible one that gets up at 7am to join the party… because she’s too busy looking after her beloved artists!

James McArdle

James McAdle

Always well-groomed, easily the smartest beard in the room, if there is a free beer James will find it, the only things he has more dedication to than free beer are his artists.

Marc Roberts

Australasia Agent
Marc Roberts

To be found in a robe somewhere on the other side of the world, which is useful as he is our agent for Asia and Australia.

Emile Martin

Assistant & Junior Agent
Emile Martin

The best signing Darren ever made! Will mostly be found in the office “sorting s**t out”, when he is let out he can be found making shapes behind the decks.



You can always tell that Elise’s background is management….this girl knows how to manage! Elise is the one that keeps us in check, as well as the promoters and artists! Often found with a little glass of wine and a book on the beach or on an adventure to find a new club in a far away land.

Suze Rosser


If Suze is not behind the decks or on the radio she can be found supporting her beloved Liverpool. Suze has been promoting nights for the past 20 years and is a fully qualified FIFA football coach, coaching girls from 11 to 15. If she can handle a team of teenage girls she can certainly manage a roster of DJ’s!



Tea making was the first skill listed on Max’s CV, he won our hearts instantly! When not in the studio tinkering with synths, you’ll find him spinning discs and hosting events at various establishments. He also listed fast learning and reliable, these he is for sure…and of course always happy to join the party! Excellent addition to the tea, oops I mean team…

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