"TeeZee is a visionary leading west Africa’s alté movement onto the world stage" NME

It’s safe to say the last few months for TeeZee have been some of the most exciting moments in the young polymath’s career. From releasing red hot singles such as the wavy trap of latest release NOK’D (feat. Deto Black) through to NEW GOVERNMENT’s ultra smooth tones (ft Prettyboy DO Kofi Mole) and the classic Afrobeat of BADI (alongside Nigerian superstar Davido), each release has featured some of the hottest global artists in the game while managing to seamlessly explore an eclectic mix of the globe’s most exciting sounds.

Teezee’s highly anticipated EP ARRESTED BY LOVE is an unapologetic statement of carefree living and self-acceptance and love, through the lens of a young African Rockstar. A theme that weaves throughout the body of work, with a globe-spanning line up of features including Davido, Pa Salieu, Lancey Foux, Midas the Jagaban and more.

ARRESTED BY LOVE is a testament to Teezee’s ability to naturally connect with some of the most exciting talent across the globe. Bringing them to his world both sonically and stylistically. The music is as diverse as his persona, blurring the genre lines. Looking to cement his place as one of Africa’s leading voices, Teezee is definitely on the right track.

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