Steven Julien

Steven Julien

Steven Julien is a Black artist and entrepreneur. In a landscape increasingly dominated by privilege and oneupmanship his story is a rare one. Through clever networking and hard graft honing his musical skills behind closed doors, in 2019 he attained a debut release on Eglo Records, the label that launched the careers of Fatima and Floating Points under his previous pseudonym Funkineven.

In 2014, he established Apron Records. The first release on the label, Apron EP, was met with critical acclaim and dominated the dance floors worldwide. Always supportive of the community around him, Apron has since provided a stage for artists like Greg Beato, Shanti Celeste and Byron The Aquarius to present their work at decisive points in their careers.

Steven’s reputation as a DJ continues to grow, with some of the most sought-after bookers regularly turning to him for long, extended sets, from Nitsa in Barcelona to Circus Tokyo, and San Remo Glastonbury.

As a recording artist, Steven has an extensive back catalouge, teaming up with artists such as Fatima and Kyle Hall to create club classics. Outside of recording and releasing music, he has soundtracked fashion shows for Patta, collaborated on films with artist Steve McQueen and installations at the Brooklyn Museum with Mos Def.

AGENT: Alasdair Howie

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