Space Cadets

Space Cadets

'So much UK club music throughout the 2010s bore the influence of dubstep. Rarely did it feel as jacking and groovy as Adam Pits & Lisene Present Space Cadets, the first collaborative EP from two up-and-comers from Leeds. Released at the end of last year, it provides a leaner, toolier, four-on-the-floor framework for UK dance music's cavernous sonics and bass weight.' - Resident Advisor

Adam Pitsillides and Marlon Morris (aka Adam Pits and Lisene) are two producers on the rise as part of the 90s-inspired musical renaissance exemplified by contemporaries such as Roza Terenzi, Ex-Terrestrial, Urulu and D.Tiffany. Drawing on years spent in clubs over-analysing what they heard together as well as their own varied tastes, their Space Cadets project exemplifies everything they look for in club music. Featuring driving rhythms, colourful synths and psychedelic elements, with a heavy pinch of UK/bass-inspired flavours, their tracks are purpose-built for big sound systems and work as well in dark basements as they do on festival stages.

Having known each other for over 15 years, the dynamic between the pair is very much based on intuition and trust. This is apparent both in the studio or a live environment, where the synergy between their own distinct styles comes together in a fluid and organic way. With their first release on Seven Hills garnering widespread DJ support, plus releases forthcoming on some of the scene’s biggest labels, the sky isn’t the limit – it’s only the start for this pair of interstellar psychonauts.

AGENT: Peter Beer

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