Sophie McAlister

Sophie McAlister

Australian born and raised in the tropics of Laos, Thailand and Bali, Sophie McAlister has been a regular fixture in various music scenes since 2016.
As a DJ, Sophie McAlister sports a fearlessness and confidence that seems to know no bounds.

A deep selector, and seemingly immune to passing trends, McAlister remains attentive to the cutting edge, while still sporting that all too familiar seamlessness that Naarm/Melbourne dancers have come to revere. As a loyal paragon of vinyl mixing, McAlister demonstrates an unwavering respect for the old school in her swift, ears-only technical ability. One only needs to watch her to notice: in the mix, she puts the work in.

Equally comfortable in the realms of house and disco as she is in the sounds of jungle, bass and techno, McAlister is an ambassador for stylistic pluralism. It’s said often, but she really does it all.

Exiting the shackles of lockdown, McAlister took 2022 by storm, with her Boiler Room debut at Potatohead Bali, as well as an EU tour de force (We Out Here Festival, Bordeaux Open Air). In addition to a rapidly growing ouvre of groundbreaking appearances at local festivals (Pitch Music and Arts, Tabula Rasa), McAlister amasses admiration from peers and dancers alike.

For this reason and many more, she’s considered a treasure amongst the local scene. Sophie’s output of guest mixes vary from her Rinse FM Mix for Ben UFO’s Hessle Audio show and Floating Points’ Melodies show on NTS. Heavily inspired from her UK counterparts, Sophie plays with a distinct approach that carries listeners through her soulful and uplifting taste derived through bass and percussive heavy sounds, showcasing her unique sound and expertise.

AGENT: Alasdair Howie

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