Ruby Duff

Ruby Duff

‘What struck me about her music was the directness. At times, I felt I was listening to her inner thoughts.’ NPR

‘The Alice in Wonderland of contemporary music’ T4C

‘The kind of classical operatics you don’t hear every day on the radio’ Wonderland

‘What’s so refreshing about the alt-pop queen in the making is her otherworldly and celestial approach to her craftsmanship that ultimately leaves the listener coming back for more and more’ Notion

There is a certain predictability in music these days and to the trained ear the tired pattern of chords and lyrics can mostly be anticipated. It’s refreshing, therefore, that the path Ruby has decided to take lends itself to spontaneity.

Ruby says “It’s difficult to describe my songwriting process. Rarely do I sit down to actively write a song as most of the melodies come to me through my dreams.”

Ruby Duff inhabits a place of celestial ambiguity and mystery, talking about the inspiration of Judy Garland in one breath and Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights in the next, yet whilst the stream of consciousness is difficult to follow, her creativity and passion for what she does, isn’t. 

It’s clear that Ruby Duff was destined for another plane and the best we can do is follow her barefoot, or skateboard like her, through a dreamscape of oddments and quirks. What stays with you is not only the sheer listenability of her musings, but the wisdom that exudes from this 24- year-old from Yorkshire.

“I have learnt that life is like a piece of art, it paints a picture that we are all part of… a story that we can all tell…a song that we can all hum.”

“This unique approach to pop songwriting is certainly something we can see becoming addictive very quickly.” The Most Radical

“It’s refreshing to hear a song that is so unique, dynamic and spontaneous that makes me sit up and transports me away to a whole new world.” A1234

“The music industry can get a bit predictable these days, but luckily we have people like Ruby Duff stepping into our lives, with her unique sounding single Miss U” When The Horn Blows

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