Ron Trent

Ron Trent

'What happens when you raise a boy with Afrocentrism, polyrhythms, and mathematical precision? What if you throw in some music history, an extensive discography, love for movement, education, wisdom and a vision? The boy grows to a man who is an innovator, an artist with a sense of responsibility – a man like Ron Trent.' - 5 Magazine

A perennial and innovative presence in soulful music and arts, Ron Trent originally wanted to be an architect. Much as the purpose of good architecture is to improve the quality of life for the people around and in it, the musical career that Ron has led as an architect of house music takes that ethos to the dancefloor. Taking cues from his father, who ran a record pool in the late 1970’s, diligently studying and collecting records provided the foundations and confidence to start DJing and producing music as a teenager.

The ecstatic and driving Altered States, released aged 14, remains a landmark in the history of electronic music. Under his new moniker WARM, Ron’s forthcoming album What Do The Stars Say To You brings forth artists he thinks of as part of his DNA, known for fusing styles and worlds into unique creations and having them share their creative energy through the frameworks he builds for them.

Jean-Luc Ponty, Ivan Conti & Alex Malheriros (of Azymuth), Gigi Masin, and Khruangbin all feature in what feels like an expansion of the adventurous and luxurious albums influenced his musical journey back before he made Altered States. Their music, designed to harmonize with spirit, nature, and urban life, is a logical progression for an artist whose creativity and spirit have cemented his role as a shining force for his scene, his city, and this music.

AGENT: Alasdair Howie

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