"Poliça have always been masters of twisted, left-field pop music" ~ NME

Recorded mostly from 2020-2021 in Ryan Olson’s Minneapolis studio with lyrics written and recorded by Channy Leaneagh in her room, Madness is an experimental expansion of the 4 piece family band of Chris Bierden (bass), Drew Christopherson and Ben Ivascu (drums) to include the anthropomorphic production tool “AllOvers(c)”, designed by Olson and fellow producer & sound-artist Seth Rosetter.

This latest release continues within the collaborative enclave in which Poliça resides and includes co-production by Dustin Zahn (“Alive” & “Away”), Alex Ridha and Alex Nutter (“Violence”). Madness is Poliça’s 7th release; preceded by the stand alone single “Rotting” and their 2019 release: When We Stay Alive. The lyrics and artwork for Madness is best summed up by this: “I am here for you all and I am never truly myself here. I am her for you all and I am never truly her”.

“Poliça emerged at a time when the sound of fellow synth-pop bands like Chvrches and Purity Ring was both commercially viable and cutting edge.Poliça now appear in search of a middle ground that combines their visceral songwriting with ‘Madness’ inventive textures. At their best, these songs offer hints of that forward trajectory: Blending naturalistic elements with an eerie, post-modern edge, Leaneagh’s voice guides us through the maze, reminding us that human emotion still has a role in the cybernetic future.” Pitchfork (2022)

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