Nala Sinephro

Nala Sinephro

Nala Sinephro is a Caribbean-Belgian composer, producer and musician living in London. Her music fuses meditative sounds, jazz sensibilities, folk and field recordings. Her musical practice is rooted in the study of frequency and geometry and guided by the premise that sound moves matter.

Sinephro’s debut album Space 1.8 takes shape as a metaphysical structure, where each curative space is an orb-like cocoon created by Sinephro in service of relief and affirmative, ecstatic freedom. Space 1.8 was composed, produced, performed, engineered, recorded, and mixed by Sinephro at age 22. On the album, she plays modular synths and pedal harp alongside her friends James Mollison, Shirley Tetteh, Nubya Garcia, Eddie Hick, Dwayne Kilvington, Jake Long, Lyle Barton, Rudi Creswick and more.


11 August 2023 – Flow Festival – Helsinki – Finland – TICKETS
13 August 2023 – Hosoi Festival – Stockholm – Sweden – TICKETS
17 August 2023 – OLT Rivierenhof – Deurne – Belgium – TICKETS
15 September 2023 – by:Larm x Ultima Festival – Oslo – Norway – TICKETS
12 November 2023 – Le Guess Who? – Utrecht – Netherlands – TICKETS 
27 March 2024 – Listen Festival – Brussels – Belgium

Following electrifying live performances across the London scene, word of Nala Sinephro’s playing has spread throughout the UK jazz scene and procured support from NTS, London Contemporary Orchestra, Spitfire Audio, Gilles Peterson, Virgil Abloh, Touching Bass and The Guardian. In 2021, she joined the innovative Warp Records roster and continues to weave her unique sound world.

AGENT: Agnese Daverio

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