Matters Unknown

Matters Unknown

"The project's kaleidoscopic vision pushes back boundaries even further" CLASH Magazine

MATTERS UNKNOWN is the debut project from Jonny Enser (Nubiyan Twist), multi-instrumentalist and composer. He has put together an ensemble that features some of the most powerful forces exploring jazz in the UK, each with different languages for conversing with his compositions, drawing musicians from Nerija, Werkha, COLECTIVA and beyond. ‘MATTERS UNKNOWN’ is here to be reckoned with.

Their first record ‘We Aren’t Just’ has a sound that is at once familiar and unknown. Enser’s writing is steeped in deeply spiritual, soulful inspiration with undercurrents carrying grooves from the roots of the Blues to West Coast trap all evoked through African diasporic influence. The music is uncrowded and languid, finding urgency without restlessness. Donald Byrd is cited as his biggest influence, and just as with Byrd we can look forward to a lifetime of magic to follow, both as a trumpeter and producer.

‘We Aren’t Just’ explores space and time, both spun from the same matter, making room for the listener to sink into the music and throughout the record, each musician is beheld, feeling and trusting the edges of the sound.
This record has the feel of an ensemble who have spent years together – truly impressive since they are a really fresh band, on some tracks only tied together with Enser’s innovative production stylings. It’s a rare thing to hear such diverse sounds and influences creating such compelling synergy – making music that is ready for anything.

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