Lazare Hoche

Lazare Hoche

Lazare Hoche is a unique kind of night bird. Not only a highly respected DJ and producer but also the mastermind behind some of the most acclaimed recent underground records.

Born and raised in Paris, his musical journey began in 2012 upon establishing the now sought after and widely acclaimed underground vinyl imprints Lazare Hoche Records and Oscillat Music. A strong production work ethic has resulted in Lazare releasing some of house music’s finest modern classics including “Pressure Baby” and “String Theory”.

Lazare is an indisputable studio artist whose parallel passions for DJing and performing is starkly evident to anyone who’s had the privilege of gracing his dance floor anywhere across the globe.
Renowned sets for Boiler Room Paris and Cercle in late 2017 serve true testament to the levels of mastery he maintains for his craft.
Lazare’s brand of slick and rolling house delivered with precision, flair and infectious energy has become a staple of the international club and festival circuit. With consistently impressive sets at the world’s highest profile events including Hï Ibiza, Ushuaïa, Robert Johnson, Brunch Electronic, Weather Festival, Concrete, Fabric and Output NYC, Lazare has proven to be a mesmerising performer and certified fan favourite.
Lazare maintains a high level of focus, preparation and vigour for every set he plays with an effervescent smile on his face throughout. His charismatic personality combined with an ear for the perfect groove has made him a torchbearer for the French House sound worldwide and has
brought many new fans to the genre. Extending this footprint in 2019, Lazare plans to curate and launch his own aptly titled residency/event brand, “Access”. To date, Lazare Hoche Records and Oscillat Music have put out more than 34 releases. The imprints have showcased many upcoming artists from Ferro, Archie Hamilton, Noha and Traumer to collaboration trio Mandar (Lazare Hoche, S.A.M and Malin Genie), all of who collectively make up the loyal LHR family Lazare has built around him.

Beyond the context of clubbing, the 32-year-old Parisian’s serve to showcase his depth and range as a multi-faceted creative. Approached by high-end French RTW men’s clothing brand “Capsul” to design a line of exclusive pieces, Lazare effortlessly morphed into this new role.
Feeding his passion for shapes and material, which plays an integral part of the LH universe, his penchant for mid century Italian design has furthermore lead Lazare to revisit some of the finest furniture pieces of the 1960’s. The Parisian is capturing and curating a selection of images for a forthcoming photo exhibition to share this unseen new dimension to his artistry. Lazare
Hoche has clearly built an indelible reputation as one of the most exciting present day DJ talents. One, whose creativity, has no bounds. With 2022 upon us, Lazare is in prime position for a phenomenal year in the scene.

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