Kids Return

Kids Return

“The sounds of Kids Return takes you back into the feelings of the 70’s era and falling in love. If you had the pleasure of discovering this Paris-based band of two, you will also quickly finding yourself falling in love with their melodic voices and instrumentals, much like the way the world fell in love with the Beatles.” – The House

Kids Return was born in Paris in April, 2020, after an escape in Los Angeles was cut short by the pandemic. Confined together without a clear future in sight, Adrien Rozé and Clément Savoye immersed themselves in Takeshi Kitano’s filmography, and its soundtracks by Joe Hisaishi.

In 2022, the band is still producing its manifesto album ‘Forever Melodies’ which marked the beginning of the adventure. In just a few months, the duet transitions from a filmed live session at the legendary Motorbass studio to shows at prestigious Paris venues like La Maroquinerie and La Cigale sold-out. Rapidly, the band flies away to tour across North America, from Los Angeles to Montreal, including a very special night playing at the iconic Red Rocks natural amphitheater at the heart of Colorado. Kids Return’s revelation in France takes the two friends all the way to Tokyo to perform on the Summer Sonic stage in 2023, one of Japan’s most important festivals. Several awards and events embellish the rise including: representing France at Eurosonic where the band received an MME Award, two invitations at the famous French TV program Quotidien (awarded as the best 2023 music band), and multiple collaborations with Saint Laurent.

Kids Return opens a new chapter with its maxi ‘Lovers War’. What defines the two friends’ aesthetic is definitely their timeless melodies coupled with the vocoder and iconic synths. Perpetuating their love for the ’60s/’70s sound, they recorded a full live band of musicians at the Saint Germain Studios on magnetic tape. They also invited at the studio a gospel choir to record all the backing vocals. The two artists wanted to capture the present moment to make room for imperfections, and let the magic happen.

Rails of the Night delivers a melancholic and twilight ballad supported by the solitary voice of the vocoder and the emergence of the gospel choir. Lovers War resonates like an anthem with surf music vibes from a generation that claims love as the only worthwhile struggle – its music video has been directed by their best friends Tara-Jay Bangalter and Luca Lellouche. The final track Nothing Left But Love is carried by a serene voice which sings the timeless theme of lost friendships.

AGENT: Jule Konrad

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