Special Project: Ex Generation

Special Project: Ex Generation

The production team Ziggy Zeitgeist (30/70, ZFEX) and Lewis Moody (Goodmood, Nubiyan Twist) forged a sound coming out of the fertile stomping grounds of “post Hiatus Kaiyote Melbourne”, at a time when finally, tastemakers over the world wanted to know what was happening down under. Though the pair have deep roots in Jazz/Hip-Hop and Soul Music, they really hit their flow once they turned their attention to dance music. Expanding far beyond the realm of simply “electronic or live” they managed to synthesize a new style of local dance music known colloquially as “jazz-doof”.

After a decade of honing their production skills, and starting their own label Energy Exchange Records in June 2022, the team set is about to expand their horizons with this series of cross-cultural meetings “The Exchange”. The opportunity presented itself when Local Napolitan tastemaker Federico Gallotti (La Scimmia/Tartelet Records) suggested they come to Naples to cut a record with the incredible team of musicians that are the driving force behind Disco Juggernaut “Nu Genea”.

Having toured extensively, the crew have made dear friends in many corners of the world and ultimately realized the power of music to transcend human narratives, empower and inspire creativity and spiritual growth. Through these kinds of collaborations we realize not only how much we share culturally but ultimately LOVE as the guiding force of nature..

With the goal of finding a middle ground between the new wave of Napoli Funk, UK/AUS Jazz and German Electronic Music, the group cut a record in Napoli’s famous Auditorium Novecento in May of 2023. The rest is history as the local crew brought their iconic Mediterranean funk to the groove of Energy Exchange. Presenting here a very limited run of single pressing vinyl. Don’t be sleeping on those liquorice pies and keep ears to the ground for the upcoming release from EX Generation.

Napoli Exchange is the brainchild of Ziggy Zeitgeist and Lewis Moody of Energy Exchange Records and Federico Galloti. A collaborative project between Moody (UK), Zeitgeist (Germany) and some of Napoli’s finest session musicians including Paolo Petrella (Fratelli Malibu/Cumbia Luciana), Alessio Pignorio (Parbleu/Funkin’ Machine), Paolo “Bata” Bianconcini (Nu Genea/Parbleu), Pietro Santangelo (Nu Genea/PS5), Dario Bassolino (Bassolino/LNDFK) and Narm’s Alysha Joy.

AGENT: Agnese Daverio

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