DJ Voices

DJ Voices

Expect to hear everything present in the consciousness of DJ Voices during one of her performances. For the past decade, the Brooklyn-based DJ has been cutting a deeper path through the party, a committed distributor of new sound and undefined genres. “Crazy music” you could call it. (She does.) In a time of homogenized cultural zones and drip-fed algorithmic taste, DJ Voices is an artist specializing in something deep(er). Her sets—free-range, roving, topographic and ecstatic— are free of the usual moderating impulses. They aren’t necessarily built to offer shelter or reassurances. But more of a story: The one about our cracked future-present and its radiating potential.

It’s a story that DJ Voices (real name: Kristin Malossi) has been steadily exploring through her work, currently as a resident at The Lot Radio and formerly as a resident at Nowadays, where she also worked as a booker for seven years. Her presence in the Brooklyn electronic community has expanded its contours towards curiosity and exploration and pleasure, but also unafraid of challenge. Take one example: she may be the only DJ with an active book club, “Late Nites Book Club.” The regular reading group hosted by Malossi takes up writing across genre and topic, such as aesthetics, death, rave culture, and sonics.

Fitting, given that the Florida-born DJ has become an outspoken voice on contemporary club culture, candidly articulating the variety of sensations and techniques of the dance floor experience. For Voices, club spaces can also serve as cites of discovery and experimentation; “the dance floor is my classroom” you might often hear her say. And it’s best to keep that in mind as you head into a Voices set, as class will most certainly be in session.

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