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Cowgirl Clue

"The singer-songwriter embraces her entrepreneurial spirit and artistic independence by refusing to adhere to radio trends or bow to traditional music industry systems. Her hi-NRG debut album, Icebreaker, is an ooey-gooey blend of glossy early aughts disco/ambient electro-pop, ‘90s house music, and futuristic dance-punk. " - Notion

Cowgirl Clue, born and raised in the Heart of the Lonestar State, is a musician and visual artist sonically known for her hybrid electronic pop sound and esoteric visuals. Catching fireflies at sunset and listening to an expansive variety of music while growing up, Cowgirl Clue’s obsession with suburban fantasy, high fashion, and exploratory sounds have been ingrained in her artistic direction from the start.

At the age of 17, she started to DJ birthday parties, soon after she was booking raves and DJing local night clubs. Her selection of music was diverse and demonstrated the depths of electronic music; Pop, Drum and Bass, Footwork, Acid House, and so on. In 2013, she met members of Vada Vada and later that year moved to the outskirts of Los Angeles. In early 2015, Ashley Clue DJ’d for The Garden on tour and later opened for Crystal Castles in 2016. Eventually, her focus and time spent as a DJ shifted and she began learning to craft her distinct DIY electronic pop sound. In 2015, she used her musical influences in House, Drum and Bass, and Pop to create her first single Cherry Jubilee accompanied by a music video filmed in White Sands, NM on a camcorder. As she began to write more freely and tested out the waters of her developing sound, she also started to perform her solo music at gigs around Orange County and LA with CDJs and a microphone. As the garage rock scene was heavily thriving at this time, her electronic pop sound was yet to be understood. While she skipped around with various aliases over the years, the early stages of her solo project (Cherry Jubilee, Limelite, and Utopia) are to be considered as early released demos of Cowgirl Clue. 

In 2019, she broke out with a debut full-length DIY album, “Icebreaker”, which she feels best captures the spirit of Cowgirl Clue at this time. Produced and mixed by herself, her single “Icebreaker” became a y2k revival anthem as her fairy-scape gogo-boot-wearing visuals, sugar-coated vocals, and bubblegum sound captivated a youthful and unique audience. Titled tracks “A Figure 8”, “Tainted” and “Icebreaker” became fan favorites. Her musical influences are noted to reference Deee-lite, Lil Kim, and Aphex Twin on this album. During the release of the album, she toured her first headline shows in Spring 2019. 

Her unique pop star meets rave fashion sense became more and more affiliated with hyperpop after the release of Icebreaker. In late 2019, Cowgirl Clue performed with acts Dorian Electra, Kero Kero Bonito, HANA, Cherry Glazerr, Coco & Clair Clair, and Anamanguchi. In 2020, she released a three-track “Icebreaker Remixes” EP with collaborations by Alice Gas, Count Baldor, and Casper McFadden and in 2021 with Australian Producer, Donatachi making “B2B Heartbeat” her latest release. Cowgirl Clue began designing her merchandise early on in her project, and in 2020 she launched Clue Wear, her fashion clothing line, which premiered as a virtual runway on IMVU.

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