Anthony Naples

Anthony Naples

Anthony Naples is a New York City based music producer, DJ, and the co-owner of the record label Incienso (and previously, Proibito).

Hailing from a community of producers and DJs with panoramic views, he quickly distinguished himself as a major agitator. Naples’ decade of music production has been one of refreshing and inventive vision on the electronic scene. The dub-tinged, psychedelic compositions result in an ongoing energy of ascension.

Discarding any kind of formula, there is nevertheless a sense of fusion and enchantment. Elements of ambient, acid-house, or post-punk music are found, although this game of identifying symbols quickly becomes labyrinthine; Anthony Naples’ magic is real and doesn’t seem to require an obvious rhythm to instill movement in the body or a journey in the head.

He has released five studio albums, various EPs and singles, as well as remixes on labels such as Warp Records, Ninja Tune, Text Records, DFA, Heavenly, and Kalahari Oyster Cult. He has held a bi-monthly DJ residency at the NYC Club Nowadays since 2017.

AGENT: Peter Beer

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