Alice Longyu Gao

Alice Longyu Gao

Lady Gaga put Alice Longyu Gao’s song “Rich Bitch Juice” as the third track on her “Women of Choice” Apple Music playlist highlighting female artists she saw as club-pop visionaries. Selena Gomez secretly attended her show in LA and played one of Longyu Gao’s tracks on her Instagram stories. The Weekend posted Longyu Gao’s song with his dog dancing to it. She is a featured artist on Love, Simon season 2 soundtrack album. Her song “She Abunai” was premiered by Zane Lowe. Later, Longyu Gao’s track LEGEND was the “Tune of the Week” on Jack Saunder’s show on BBC Radio 1.

But who the hell is Alice Longyu Gao? 

There’s no simple answer. While she is a musician first and foremost (which includes everything from songwriting to producing and beyond), she is also a performance artist (check out her video from “LEGEND”), and is a part of everything she releases from start to finish. It’s not “music” or “art.” It’s Alice Longyu Gao. 

Alice Longyu Gao makes music about elite Manhattanite scammers, feeling “Magnificroissant,” coming to the US from Asia as a 17-year-old on her own, having her pansexual heartbroken by “basic heterosexual white boys,” and demanding that copycats stop stealing her art.

For those that know her well, Longyu Gao is the self-proclaimed “Princess of Manifestation,” a girl who turned her life’s limitations into artistic success. This started with her rejection from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music-affiliated middle school at the age of 14, which forced her to take a less conventional and primarily self-taught path towards Pop stardom. Then, without a record label or sugar daddy to fund her, she moved to New York to intern at Comme Des Garcons and PAPER magazine, all while launching a DJing career that landed her with sets in Tokyo, Paris, LA, and beyond. This worldwide DJing tour foreshadowed future tours Longyu Gao would do with 100 Gecs, Dorian Electra, Cashmere Cat, and Rebecca Black.

“America, New York, and now LA—they are cruel,” she says about her move to the US. “But I know there is no Asian bitch out there like me, so I have faith in my career.”

This faith has kept Longyu Gao going as a fully independent artist, an extremely tough career to navigate, and one that is not for the faint of heart. 

“Sometimes I wish I had a team and the funds to guide me and help me get seen,” she says. “But that’s a privilege. My path is unique. Struggles are cool. Being self-made is dope.” 

Writing songs in Japanese, English, and Mandarin, Longyu Gao’s tracks like “I <3 Harajuku” have gone viral on TikTok, whereas “Ritch Bitch Juice” and “Dumb Bitch Juice” (produced and released by Dylan Brady of 100 Gecs on his label Dog Show Records) are truly inspirational examples of a uniquely-Alice genre. This is to say, Longyu Gao cannot be put into a box, although she does say that her spirit is Hyperpunk. Her unique sound drew admiration and collaborations from fellow artists like Mura Masa, Rebecca Black, and Alice Glass (amongst others). 

Her most recent single, “Underrated Popstar”, is a meta look at Longyu Gao’s life, which is 100% dedicated to Pop stardom. With lyrics like “Don’t call me underrated Popstar / My saga is only getting started / Shut up and keep streaming my song / Making dope shit, it takes long”—the song is bound to be a Hyperpunk classic. 

And while music is Longyu Gao’s main focus, she’s also determined to make the industry and world a better place with her time on Earth. This includes advocating and raising awareness and funds for LGBTQIA+ entertainers, publicly-funded museums for all, eating disorder recovery, and sustainability in the fashion industry. 

Stay tuned for Longyu Gao’s first EP, which follows three singles being released throughout the summer and early fall, including “Underrated Popstar”, “Kanpai”, and “100 Boyfriends”. She will be releasing her first EP High Dragon and Universe in October of 2021. 

AGENT: Rob McGee

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