For Afriqua, genre is just a limit to the imagination. With the instincts of a classically trained musician and the hip-hop sensibilities of a turntablist, the Berlin-based creator blends gleaming disco with energetic house and techno for dancefloor excursions that defy classification.

Recorded following a breakup, his new EP MAXI SINGLE is embedded with a sense of escape, a feeling he’s been pursuing since he started playing piano as a kid. Afriqua made an impact with Colored (2019), his debut LP on R&S Records, and self-released singles like Always (2022).

As unpredictable as they are refined, the projects only reaffirmed his knack for experimentation and led to his latest adventure as the first signing of CORE Records, a new label from Tomorrowland and Live Nation. In addition to his recorded efforts, Afriqua has made an effort at connecting with curious listeners for through writing and video as well. He penned and produced the editorial project “Principles of Black Music”—a five-part video and essay series—for the Ableton blog, their first artist-led and -written project.

He’s also made an impact on the stage, DJing at hallowed club spaces such as Circoloco at DC-10 in Ibiza and Berghain in Berlin, as well as making his live debut at MUTEK in Montreal. Now, as he prepares to release MAXI SINGLE, it’s clear he’s making even further strides forward, surmounting more obstacles with each passing project.

AGENT: Peter Beer

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